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First CALF events – what did the students imagine?

April 27, 2009

The first Creating Academic Learning Futures event took place at UoL in December and was followed up with one at UCF during the launch of the project in January 09. The first creative events were aimed at introducing students to a variety of ways of thinking about the future of learning and to help them build a vocabulary which would support discussions about the future.

The event involved a discussion of digital and Web technologies and possible ways in which they could change the future of learning. The participating students were encouraged to think about the likelihood of future scenarios and searched the web for images, videos or applications that they associated with a particular scenario. As a result of the activities the students learnt how to use wikis and created wiki scenarios for future learning in higher education which have since been made available on the CALF project wiki.

The students envisaged that the stake of non-traditional providers in HE would grow and the competition between higher education institutions (HEIs) would increase, leading to a fall in the cost of education. The participants in the event expected that the use and importance of technologies for education would increase and that the role of user-generated content, social-networking, peer assessment and referencing and the use of interactive and participative approaches to teaching would be enhanced. An interesting projection was that HEIs of the future would need to be more involved in socially responsible projects and activities as part of their strategies for competition for students.

Sandra Romenska, CALF Project

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