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Putting the [Cutting] E-dge Back

July 13, 2009

Peter Bradwell, in his pamphlet entitled The Edgeless University, argues that British universities – despite their world-class reputations and key role in the social and economic future of the UK, ‘are in a tight spot’ because the huge public investment that has sustained much of the sector is in jeopardy and the current way of working is not sustainable.

Bradwell argues that this can be a moment of rebirth for universities as technology is revolutionising universities into just one among several sources for ideas, knowledge and innovation.

While universities’ expertise and value is needed more than ever to validate and support learning and research, the institutional capital that universities hold empowers them to use technology to offer more flexible provision and open more equal routes to higher education and learning.

Through forging new connections with a growing world of informal learning and a commitment to openness and collaboration, universities can harness technology as a solution and an indispensable tool for shaping their vital role in the future.

As part of this post we also include two commentaries on the Edgeless University report. The first of these is from my colleague Jai Mukherjee’s (Beyond Distance Research Alliance) blog at here

The second is from Brian Kelly’s (UK Web Focus, UKOLN) blog. UKOLN is a research organisation, based at the University of Bath, that aims to inform practice and influence policy in the areas of digital libraries, information systems, bibliographic management and web technologies.

 Sandra Romenska (CALF project)

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