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MA 20 Century Art and Design students imagined the Future of Learning

March 15, 2010

Eight students and faculty on the MA course in 20th Century Art and Design spent their Saturday on March 13th imagining possible futures for their studies instead of enjoying the Cornish spring sun. During the CALF workshop they collaborated on the CALF wiki, learnt how to create Wordles from their future scenarios, polished their Google doc skills and most importantly – had fun. The CALF Learning Futures model emphasises the importance of ensuring students’ engagement and active involvement in the process of imagining the future as a crucial first step. It is essential to support participants in the Learning  Futures activities in building knowledge and experience in new learning technologies which they can use as inspiration and building blocks fopr their future scenarios. Below is an excerpt from a scenario from the workshop, in response to the question how the MA course in 20th century Art and Design might change in the future:

“1. self-organised course, not necessarily run by university, but created by users interested in runing and attending a subject specific course
2. meetings take place through various media: second life, video links and chat rooms, but also importantly face2face

Why will this happen?
With the present crisis happening in every possible field: economy, politics, university etc. there won’t be much infrustructure to support the the existing models and organisations, unless they totally follow the neoliberal agenda. so in order to participate in an alternative education that not necessarily is measured by how it can be applied to business etc, it will be necessary to self-organise. this is already happening now, but i guess in 10 years time it will be omnipresent…

Participation in education is global and happen via technological tools and media. meetigngs (people at the same place at the same time) are still important and take place in various forms….”

 Follow the CALF channel on Youtube to learn more about the CALF Learning Futures process.

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