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Learning and Teaching Strategy Workshop 21 July

July 16, 2010


• To give participants an opportunity for reflection on the future development of their own work and the New Learning and Teaching strategy of the University.

• To help participants work together as a team through understanding strategic decision-making in their own context more deeply.


The workshop is divided into three parts.

The first will introduce the participants to innovative and creative ways for building strategies for the future, using concepts and methods for opening up new idea tracks.

In the second part the participants will practice creating decision trees, identifying workable ideas and “signatures of change”.

The third part of the workshop will consist of a discussion of the resulting ideas for the future Learning and Teaching Strategy of UoL.


The workshop will involve group and individual work on laptops using online tools. The equipment is provided by the Media Zoo of the Beyond Distance Research Alliance and full support and guidance for the use of the online tools will be available for each participant. Coffee, tea and cakes will be provided.

The Media Zoo is located at: 103-105 Princess Road East Map:


Participants will have reflected on a set of questions regarding their own work:

– What areas do we think a new Learning and Teaching strategy needs to address that are relevant for our work? How much emphasis will be put on each? How will we address those areas?

– What can make the new strategy a winner or a flop?

– How can the university obtain the results envisaged in the new strategy?

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