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Congratulations to the September 2010 Futurists!

September 30, 2010

Nine students from the Medical School of the University of Leicester successfully completed the three-week CALF Special Summer Component “Strategic Foresight”.

This component, running for a second consecutive year, provides a rigorous introduction to a toolbox of methods for strategic foresight in medical care. It enables students to prepare not just for “best practices” but for the “next practice” in health care.  Participating students learnt how and when to use creative strategy methods to anticipate events in their future medical career, and feed this knowledge into their daily decision-making and learning. Using fun and interactive online tools they identified employability pathways supporting their future career plans and identified skills that they need to develop.

The three weeks of hands-on independent and collaborative exercises culminated in a presentation of the scenarios about the future of medical education prepared by the students. Each of the nine students produced a videocast, presenting a strategy for achieving their future professional development goals. CALF will be publishing the videos on Youtube shortly. Here is the first one:

Let the revolution (in Medical Education) begin! And my whole-hearted gratitude to Nadir Patel for his amazing work in creating the video above!

Sandra Romenska

Research Associate, CALF project


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