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“Create a future” Google-opoly links and instructions

April 13, 2011

Here are the instructions and links you need for participation in today’s workshop. All the slides from the rpesentation today are uploaded in the post just below this one.


1. Create stories about the future of your own work, your institution or your students.
2. Reflect on the key forces influencing your area of interest.
3. Learn how others imagine the future of learning.

1. You will be given a link to a Google Map.
2. You will be given a starting location on the Google Map.
3. At the start of the game, open the Google Map from the link and find your starting location on it.
4. When you click on the location on the map, a bubble will open up containing a question you have to answer.
5. Answer the question in writing in a Word document on your computer. Make sure you save the document.
6. After you have answered the question, move to the next destination on the Google Map, which will be indicated in the question bubble.
7. When you reach the final destination, save your document and email it to:

8. It will be posted on a wiki, accessible to everyone after the end of the

The link to the Google map is:

Your future stories will be published in this wiki after 14:20 UK time:

Everybody open the Google map and start from MUMBAI

Good luck and we hope you will enjoy the workshop! We are looking forward to your future discoveries!

Sandra Romenska

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